Concept H.R. has partnered with Transamerica Retirement Services, a top-ten provider of retirement plans with more than 70 years of experience in the pension business, to improve your employee benefits package with a retirement plan designed to help you attract and retain quality employees. As part of our commitment to making employee benefits work for you, our retirement plan gives you the flexibility to help meet the distinctive needs of your company.

Partner with Concept H.R. to ease the hassle of administering your plan and receive support to help meet due diligence obligations.





1089 Augusta Rd.

Warrenville, SC 29851

401(k) Administration Single Employer 401(k) Plan
Without Concept H.R.
Multiple Employer 401(k) Plan
With Concept H.R.
Administrative Responsibilities ? Concept H.R. & Transamerica
Distribution Processing ? Concept H.R. & Transamerica
Due Diligence Responsibilities ? Concept H.R. & Transamerica
Plan Compliance ? Concept H.R. & Transamerica
Nondiscrimination Testing ? Concept H.R. & Transamerica
Annual Reporting ? Concept H.R. & Transamerica
Enrollment & Education ? Concept H.R. & Transamerica
Participant Assistance ? Concept H.R. & Transamerica
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