pay-roll-pic Concept H.R. offers complete payroll processing, tax administration and reporting services that relieve employers to concentrate on what is most important “their business.” Our wide range of services allow us to accommodate your payroll needs no matter how small, large complicated or demanding. Concept H.R. has personalized, dedicated service specialists that use state-of-the-art integrated software. Payroll accuracy, reliability and efficiency are critical to employers, employees and the company’s bottom line.


1-888-296-1039 1-803-663-5374


1089 Augusta Rd. Warrenville, SC 29851


• Prompt Personalized Attention to Inquires
• Flexibility to Allow Employees Secure Access to Their Payroll Information
• Secure Access To Our Online Payroll System / Online Time Entry
• Time Entry Solutions
• Calculate Accurate Wages / Withholding Taxes
• Direct Deposit
• Court Ordered Wage Garnishment Processing and Payments
• Provide Detailed & Customized Payroll Reports
• Convenient Delivery Options


• New Hire Reporting
• E-Verify Employer Agent
• Process Federal, State and Local Withholding Taxes
• Remit SUTA and FUTA
• Prepare And File Quarterly And Annual 940 and 941 Taxes
• Year End W-2s and W-3s Processing

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